ponedjeljak, 4. siječnja 2016.

My wishes for You and some beautiful new things for the start of the New year

My dears, I wish You a happy and successful 2016 and everything else that goes...health, luck, love, money! You can expect a lot of new and beautiful things I have prepared for You.

To begin with, now you are all connected from here to my official facebook page, plus something I have promised you last year and that is that from now on YOU CAN FOLLOW ALL OF THE TOPICS I WRITE ABOUT IN DEDICATED BLOGS MADE SPECIALLY FOR THEM!

Some of you have already beaten me to the punch and have sent me feedback on them before I had the chance to write this to you. And the feedback is great what makes me very happy. Thank you my dears!

- And for those of You this will be the first information let’s get started.

**Intelligence and Love is my blog I am very proud of and it mostly contains wisdoms I write in short, easy to remember, but rich phrases that have already found their way to You who like them very much, both here and abroad, especially in USA, Australia and France (I’ve promised to send my greetings to all of you so here, one more beautiful promise fulfilled!)

**LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is a blog dedicated to positive affirmations, meditations and all of the articles there are there to encourage, cheer and raise You when you are feeling down or make You happier. It’s my psychotherapeutical moment to You who like such topics, me too. Most articles I publish have had their audience for a long time and I am happy it is becoming larger and that love and positive vibrations are spreading, and that every article is uplifting, raises self confidence, self belief and good mood.

And, now something many of You have been impatiently waiting for, that will cheer many of the fans of my book announced for this year and that is:

**Balkanske svekrve, Brigita Colic This blog already has it’s fans and readers through the official facebook page of the same title and so everyone can now have a place where they can read especially those articles, I have created this blog precisely for You who love our mothers in law and the entire provocative story about them. The blog will often be enriched with new excerpts from the book... I know you will enjoy it as much as I am while writing it.

Of course there are also the two older blogs

**Kad se duše u očima prepoznaju with a well know thematic and You my dear and wonderful fans, and a version in English

**When souls recognise each other in the eyes

Many of You who are form English speaking areas have asked me to write my posts in English so from now on you can read the blogs

**Intelligence and Love and ** LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL bilingually.

Soon they will also be in German and Italian but slowly...I’ll keep you posted...

Kisses to all and I am very glad for all my readers and for already fulfilling some of our wishes at the start of this New Year 2016!

There will be many more new and beautiful things but for now while you are waiting for the book with positive thoughts and affirmations and a book with a provocative title and an just as much interesting thematic, Balkan Mothers in Law, you can enjoy this.

I love you all very, very much and once more wish you all the best in this year!

With love, Your Brigita

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