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(Something completely different, Your Brigita)


-Is that it? - she asked with a slightly tired but still brave voice.

-Yes, you are now officially divorced.

She raised the handle of her pink travel bag and headed to the airport. It was lightly raining and wind was messing her hair but she didn’t care. She usually would have but now she only wanted one thing - to leave. In her high heals she walked down the street. Taxi! - she yelled.
-Where to?
-Main airport, please.

 -Miss, do you want something to drink?-a stewardesses voice startled her. Hm, I need to get used to this “miss”... -No, thank you - she replied and continued to watch through the plane window and dream a little. There was nothing to see but clouds but she wasn’t really there. In her thoughts she was far away...
-Oh, my God, only yesterday we had plans...I’ve wasted so much’s how it is, snap out of it, you mustn’t think about that will be better-she comforted herself...

-Mister Victor, will you be here for much longer? I should head home, it’s running late and my kids are waiting...

-Oh, Rosa, you are still here? Of course, you just go, I’ll turn of the lights and lock up.
Looking through the files he stayed up all night. He didn’t really want to go back to the apartment knowing She was no longer there.
-I can sleep at the’s all the same...he thought and with a whiskey stayed in his papers while his thoughts were somewhere away.
                                                                   * * *

...Do you see where you are going?! - she yelled visibly annoyed - You could have knocked me down.
-I’m sorry, please, I didn’t see you, are you all right?
-Well, if you looked where you are going you could see!
-I’m sorry, really. Can I make it up to you with a drink?
...Hm...if he didn’t have such pretty eyes and that smile...-she thought...
-A drink? And I’m to leave my papers on the floor?
-Hahahaha, of course not, I’ll pick them up, sorry once more...Do you usually get upset like this?
She couldn’t not laugh...yeeees-she answered.
-I like that, I like people with attitude, I’m sorry, you’re coming out of student offices? I haven’t seen you around.
-You are studying here?
-And you would like to know everything at once!-she laughed.
-Of course-he couldn’t hide a wide smile.

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