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Lassie is coming home

Should you cheat? “No. If he is good. Yes, if he is bad to you.” Or?
Yes, it is easy to end a relationship, it’s easier to say, well listen, you should talk, try to solve the problem...that is all great but there are situations when words no longer help and you are where you are. In front of a wall.
Situations when someone ignores your value, your words, plays with your patience and manipulates it.
There are moments when you are where you are and can not quickly end it and leave.
There are moments when you can no longer reach someone with words.
There are moments when you can no longer suffer cold, bad behaviour and go over and over through lessons on how to reach him so he would be better to you. There are moments when it is simply enough.
And those are the moments when a woman cheats. She just slips into someone’s arms, under someone’s smile and allows someone to make her a woman again. Those are the miments when a woman returns her power in a relationship, and even more important in her life.
In many cases, when a woman cheats she breaks up..
There is no “Lassie is coming home”, women usually do not return after cheating. Not to him. Because usually that cheating opens their eyes they have closed suffering the bad.
Men...well men are more often “Lassie”. When they realize that they have to romance, conquer and pay all over again if it is not worth the effort...after a while they return to their wives. Not all, but most of them.
Women do not. When a woman cheats, she does it in defiance. Defiance born out of pain. And because she wanted it. And she new precisely she would do it. Actually, she also warned him.She begged him for months to change. She asked him to be better. She tirelessly repeated the same. And at the end,when she realized nothing would change on his side she decided to make a change. They all tell the same story.
And she probably felt guilty. And she felt bad. But that smile under her lips she couldn’t hide form herself. It gave her away. Gave away that she was finally her own. Someone else brought her back to life. Someone else made her feel beautiful again. Someone else brought back a smile to her face that she lost with the first one. Someone else reminded her of life and she started to live. After better sex and after a better friend in the new one, she doesn’t return to the old. Even if she returns...she becomes a bitch. She might cheaat on you with the closest friend, colleague...anyone you don’t like... A woman that consciously cheats...consciously chooses...and she chooses to hurt you. The way you are neglecting her.
Yes, there are those who don’t say anything and remain living with their husbands feeling guilty all of their lives. Yes, there are those. But, there are more of those who are reborn with the other man and are themselves again. Their old selves. And a woman that doesn’t like herself next to the man she is with is a woman he has nearly lost...
Women like to be special. They like being treated well. They like knowing they are loved. They like to feel support and friendship. Women like sex...each in her own way and her own measure but women like sex...sex from love...women like to love and be loved.
Women want different things from men but one thing is in common to all. Respect. When she doesn’t have respect where she is, sooner or later she will accept it outside of that relationship. Because a woman needs it. Love and respect.
And when she gets that from another man at the right time then she is ready to return home. Maybe they are “Lassie” after all but they are returning to themselves. Maybe they don’t remain with the one they cheated with but they leave. They go from worse to better. They return to themselves. And when they return themselves they can do anything. To love and be loved again.
Women cheat, yes. But women also love. They love to the maximum. They suffer even more. Why? Who would know...but they suffer.
You only need to know how to love them. And that is not all that difficult...just listen to her and be with her. Be her friend above all else. And never neglect gentleness...never neglect attention...never neglect surprises. And don’t neglect sex. It’s important to her also...never neglect what is important to her. Above all never neglect her. And never become deaf to her voice and her words. Because she will allow someone who enjoys her voice and who enjoys listening to her...that which you have started taking for granted. No matter how long you are in a relationship or marriage, 10, 30, 50 years...never neglect her. She also sees other men...believe me. Ooooh yes. She sees their groin and their shoulders... Be good to your darling.
It doesn’t matter how long you will be together, what matters is that that time is nicely filled. But never, never think...she won’t leave...she can not do that, or she doesn’t have where to go. You might be surprised if you heard how many times she might already have been leaving... Women lie “the best”, you know that. You know how the other one is keeping your secret? Well, maybe your woman is also the other one to someone else. You can not know. You can believe. As she can believe you.
And if they are not lying, they are perfect in not telling when they want to. And you know how much it hurts when you hear...I have cheated on you.
Women cheat, yes. Sometimes out of stupidity. Sometimes out of pain. But never without a reason.
Kisses to all, Your Brigita!

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