petak, 24. listopada 2014.


You know that wonderful, delightful feeling when your heart jumps for someone, when you can’t wait too see and touch them, when you can’t wait for your next meeting, when all of the time you spend together seems too little? When you run into each others arms, when you smile all the time when you’re together...when you can not see enough of the person you’re in love with? When you are walking alone on the street and have a grin on your face that makes you look like a total idiot? 

You know that feeling when it seems to you that you can’t and don’t want to live without that person and when you would leave all you are doing just to be with them even for while...and just a little while more and a little more...when all of the reasons for anything different disappear in that feeling, when years, time, hair color or anything don’t matter...that feeling when your heart flips...well, now that I’ve reminded you what love is, time to go to sleep!

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