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(A section from my upcoming book, Your Brigita) 

Who convinced you that you are not good enough? Who convinced you that nothing you do is any good? Who convinced you that your dreams don't matter? Who convinced you that you are not worthy of the most beautiful things in life? Who? Who had that right? Who possesses the power to define you, to put you down and destroy you? To who do you believe more then to yourself? Who have you listened more then to yourself?

Do you think that someone knows better then you for you yourself?

Do you think that someone feels you more then you do yourself?

Do you think that someone else has been gifted your life besides you, and that they are

living two lives in stead of one, theirs and yours? Do you think you owe it to someone, your life?

Who do you love more then yourself that you are destroying yourself for that person?

You know that is not love, don't you? You know that is not the condition for or a proof of love, don't you?

Do you know that love means freedom? Love is not conditions. Love is not punishments.

Love is not blackmails. Love is not suffering.

Love is joy.
Love is elation.
Love is peace in unrest. Light in darkness. Hope in sorrow.
Love is your right to find out who you are and be that. Love is to know that. Love is also for others to know that for themselves.
Love is help and support.
Love is loving a person for who they truly are and not for what anyone thinks they should be.
Love is discovering the best in yourself and others. Love is supporting that.

Love is acceptance of others no matter how different they are from our ideas for them.

And not just that, love is accepting yourself. Yourself that only you know. Yourself that is not fulfilling other people's expectations. Yourself who"is not good enough for someone".

Yourself who is "too good for someone". Yourself who is good to yourself and starts with love.
Love for yourself and those close to you.

Changing your world doesn't mean changing everything. It means changing yourself and the world around you. Making yourself and it better and more beautiful. Everything else is taken care of by Someone higher then You. Someone who created You also. No matter what you believe in you are created from love and for love.

The world might be strict, cruel, might be "bad to you", might be neglecting you, might not understand you. But don't You be like that to yourself. Yes, You. You are responsible for yourself and your happiness. And no, it is not your fault if someone thinks you are supposed to fulfill a thousand conditions for them to love you. That is their problem, not yours. Yours is to love yourself and your life. And theirs is to love themselves and their life.

You are responsible for what you create yourself.

And as you would love and do love what is most important to you in this world, so you should love yourself. No, that is not selfishness. That is a condition for survival in this world in which it seems that no one loves anyone. And even if everyone would love everyone else, it still would be worth anything if you do not love yourself.

And in order to love yourself you have to accept yourself.

You have to have understanding for yourself.

You have to forgive yourself.

You have to comfort yourself.

You have to raise yourself.

And you have to believe in yourself. And in something more then yourself. In love.

Remember that.

Because, You are good enough!

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