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The prince on a white horse is 60?

I was never the one to read fairy tales, much less to believe in such stories, however a part of me likes to believe in perfect relationships, perfect moments and perfect good in people. A little romantic might just be lurking in me somewhere...
I spent more of my childhood reading books and anything I cold lay my hands onto (needless to say I did all of my required reading for the next school year at the start of my summer break), painting and writing, then playing with dolls. I had them of course but I spent more time designing clothes for them rather then feeding and cooking for them. In fact...I never did that. Nor have I fantasized about my wedding, wedding dress or how my prince should look like. It’s all still too mushy for me... But I do believe in love. And for this topic I’m thinking about what would such a gentlemen have to look like. The prince, of course. What qualities would he need to posses to fulfill all the girl’s needs, desires and interests. And more I come to realize he should be more of a GMO (genetically modified organism) then a mere mortal. Seriously. And maybe it’s not just about what he should be like but also when should he arrive. And maybe there is not only one, but several of them, each for a certain age and phase of our lives. And now it’s getting too complicated. We all know that love is not something you discuss about, it’s something that just happens, without asking, without prior announcement, without rules, you just have to manage. Todays women live in a completely hectic life tempo compared to their forerunners. Our grandmothers might have toiled at home all day long but now we have to deal with facebook, twitter, instagram, colleagues, friends, relatives, ten hour flights across oceans and adjusting to day becoming night and night becoming day...and with all those comings and goings, meetings and partings, somehow we should also be cool moms who know the answer to everything, for whom everything is OK, and who has the time for everything... And then there is the don’t want him to be some horse who will come home form work and ask what’s there to eat,  or argue with you why your purse costs as much as it does and that you could have built an animal shelter with that, after all you know that yourself, as a modern woman you have a very developed consciousness of such things. So, he can not be primitive. On the other hand, many say that it’s easier when you are of the same generation because you can grow together...that’s all fine but with my own thinking on the meaning of life, marriage and fidelity I don’t need his. Therefor he must be mature and well lived to understand me and not duel with me. Third thing, the parents. With all due respect to the olden days and traditions but for goodness sake, who has the time to think about why his mother stayed in a loveless marriage or why is his father so’s OK to hear them from time to time, and occasionally visit each other but that’s that. Judges and thank you, either way. If it works it works, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t.  When we add it all up I believe that men like George Clooney are ideal for the role of prince. You in your forties, he in his sixties. He has lived through everything, payed of all alimonies (let’s be realistic), has proven himself to both himself and others, doesn’t buzz around and is not unfulfilled...just right to have all the time, possibility and patience for a modern woman. To please her, fulfill her wishes and desires, to do his best to pleasure her in bed, treat her like a lady and his precious. He finally calm and stabile, and you maybe ready to become a mother along with the career you are building. He ideal for support, and you for a playful girl with her life ahead of her. We’ll think about what if, old age and death later...that is something no one knows... So, the prince on a white horse comes in your thirties and forties...with his sixty something...and then, sometime in your fifties you’ll be ready for a role of Demi Moore and some young Ashton Kutcher. 
I’m such a romantic...

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