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When are you allowed to change your mind about something you are doing or want to do? Well, you can a few days, years...on your deathbed... We are joking a bit but talking with one person...we talked about one of her colleagues questioning himself it there is any point in his own studying at that faculty...she told me yes, it’s normal for a person to question himself at the beginning and not at the end.  I just laughed. It was so cutely funny, and no matter how superficial it might seem it just a sign that everyone, and I mean everyone, have their own “limitations” regarding opinions and beliefs in some things (that can of course change).
The mind never stands still. It always questions and thinks of something. It’s in it’s nature, as wise people would say. Questioning happens every day. And that is normal. ...When ever they emerge they are their for a reason.
At any age, at any level, you can wish to step away from something, I won’t say give up because that is not giving up. Giving up isn’t stepping away from one direction and altering your way to some other direction (goal). It’s just changing direction or way. And as you can think about it at any time, you can also do it at any time. You have that right all your life. The only thing you need is the courage and belief in yourself. Because without faith in and love for one’s self, you will be troubled with doubt in your own actions. And if you start a change and overly question yourself...meaning you have to be determined. You may or may not have the support of your surroundings, but that must not be the reason to continue with or back down from your decision.
The point in all that questioning is to, from time to time, calibrate your need and desires, to see where you are and what to do next. The point is also in finding sense. Everything a person does, from time to time, has to go through a renewed process of figuring out why he started that and if he still sees himself in that the way it is. Otherwise, how would he know if he is happy, successful, satisfied and following his own path? That inner fealing is always the measure. Following your own path doesn’t mean walking with your head in a bag but on the contrary, being aware of why and for what. Your own motives and passions. Will and love. Questioning is good and necessary if you look at it as something normal and natural. They are not the point of the  journey but only an aid you use while on it. Also, you can remain deff to your own feelings, needs and desires. You may keep doing something automatically, thinking it’s too late to change... YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. YOU MAKE CHOICES AND DECISIONS NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SOMETIMES THINK IT’S DEPENDENT ON OTHERS OR CIRCUMSTANCES. YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR OWN HANDS.        

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