nedjelja, 26. listopada 2014.

Responsibility to your own children

At one time marriages were made just like that. It had to be done. Children were taken for granted. And then they grew up in bad marriages with bad relations. They watched and learned on them. Times have changed. One question remains, are people aware that with the decision to live together and have children comes the responsibility for raising that children? Are they ready for sacrifices in sake of good upbringing but not the type existing for decades...remaining in bad relationships called marriages allegedly for the children, but exactly the opposite? The responsibility to spare their children from their own love drama?
Are today’s parents aware how much their behavior influences the development and growth of their children and that children demand and have the right to be raised properly and made into “their own” persons? Are parents aware of that responsibility that it’s not just about the roof over their heads and school any never today those who made mistakes and those on who mistakes were made that upbringing is much more then just bread and books? Upbringing is also made up of the time children spend with you...a child even though it is little isn’t deff or blind to all of your behavioral patterns. Are parents aware that by not correcting their own past errors in behavior they transfer those to their children and their future life? Is the need to have a child, because that’s what is supposed to be done, stronger and more present in one’s consciousness then the knowledge that children are so much more. Responsibility. Not just a peace of a puzzle so people will say you have a perfect and fulfilled life  because you have a family but a conscious decision to have responsibility for your life. A person can’t affect everything, nor can they make sure that children are always happy, healthy and content even though they give them everything, (there comes a time when children have to mature and take more and more responsibility for themselves, when they grow up and when you need to know to let them go to be their own persons)...but people have to know what is in their power. You are not supposed to isolate them from the bad world but to teach them how to save themselves in such a world, how to behave in it... it’s not up to you to give hints but to teach them how, what and when should be done... for tomorrow when they become adults to know how to and be able to deal with life and not to have too many traumas because you were too busy with your own life and neglected them completely or destroyed them us persons... children are not labels, or medals to be bragged with when needed. A child isn’t just someone to have so they can help you when you grow old...a child is a human being, it’s own person...and you have to invest in that relationship... Big like for mothers and fathers who understand this!

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