nedjelja, 7. veljače 2016.

It is not your fault!

(Section from my upcoming book)

It is not your fault if you were taught wrong. You are responsible if you stick to it and behave in that manner. Don’t be offended because of it. On the contrary! Snap out of it and in spite to yourself, become better then that!

Love is the origin of everything. Good deeds come out of love.
A lack of love is the origin of all problems.
You can’t save children from everything negative around us, they’ll know how to save themselves and act appropriately.
Love is not naivety.
Love isn’t devoid of intelligence. On the contrary-love and intelligence go hand in hand! But keep in mind what intelligence is!
Love is the foundation for healthy decisions in grown up age.
Love is the best decision! To live in love is the smartest move you can make for yourself!
But keep in mind what love is.

Kisses to all Your Brigita!

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