nedjelja, 7. veljače 2016.

A small step for mankind, but a large step for us!

Is mother’s approval of son’s love choices a condition for his successful marriage with his partner and how much his mother’s disapproval affects the frequency of such son’s abuse of his spouse
, a topic I’m working on with my team of colleagues doctors-psychiatrists-therapists-nurses (including other professionals in fields important to this topic).

This is ‘just one segment’ of my book that I’m nearing completion, but rather important for analyzing marriages in our part of the world what you have shown yourselves with your interest in expanding this topic further, and I thank you all my wonderful ladies and my dear gentlemen!
The research we are planning, it is about a certain sample (number of people) and includes gathering and examination of data that are important indicator of what we are studying. Of course, I’ll inform you of everything later.
The purpose of this research is to support the image of our society and marital relations with the experiences of us all because only that gives true insight into it.
This topic accuses no one. In fact it includes all of us.
And I would like that it shows or proves our progress (change) as a society in the segment of marital (partner) relations compared to those same relations in the past, and the improvement (I sincerely hope) of the position of women in our society.

Thank You all for your participation, your good will. You are wonderful! I will soon start a page dedicated especially to this topic and when the entire team is gathered and the necessary paperwork is acquired I’ll share all the news with You. to all, Your Brigita!

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