nedjelja, 31. siječnja 2016.

Is a marriage doomed by no good “clothes for home” or “behaviour for home' ?

(Section from my new column, Your Brigita)

How often have you heard that people blame the lack of passion in a marriage on “clothes for home”? 

However, when “behaviour fro home” equals “clothes for home” that is when marital problems begin.
A marriage can survive no good clothes, but worst human qualities in the same quantities - NO.

"To be able to be what a person is" in a marriage, is by no means exclusive exposure of one’s worst qualities to the partner.
A marriage isn’t a place where a person can let loose one’s inner “jerk” to rule. In fact, it’s a place where that should never, never be allowed.
...It’s just that some people were taught wrong and they end up paying that lesson expensively - with that marriage.

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