subota, 8. travnja 2017.


(A section from my book already known to you all)

The most beautiful thing in the world is to be loved and to love, there is no feeling better then that.
There is no safer ‘shelter’ then someone’s heart when days are tough.
Nothing is warmer then in someone’s hug.
No greater rest for the soul and body then knowing that you have someone who is there.
Nothing more uplifting, no greater wind in your sails, then the one who gives you love,
The one who loves you, and who you love.

Love is the meaning of life. Of all the wondering and searching, all tears and mishaps.
Love is at the start and at the end of the journey. Love is the essence of everything.

Only memories filled with someone’s smile,
Only memories filled with someone’s gaze,
Only remembering someone’s many touches,
Can raise ill people from their beds, and how wouldn’t it healthy ones.

Love gives life. Love erases all pain and suffering.
Love takes away all of the problems and questions that trouble. 
Love gives peace and the answer to everything.
Love is the breath with which you breath. Love is the beat of the heart with which you live,
All because of what you are and that because of what you are not.
When you have and when you don’t have love is everything!

Kiss and love each other because love is the meaning of life. 

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