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How to return your faith in yourself and your life?


  For those who love to read here is an inspirational-refreshing let’s call it a meditation, of returning your faith in yourself. For those who love to listen, they can do so on my YouTube channel.
Coming soon is my book ‘Towards the Sun’ that will contain many wonderful stories with the same purpose – loving yourself.
I’ve created everything with great love and I am very glad you can feel that love.
Enjoy it my dears!

I am a living being, a wonderful and beautiful living being. And everything in me lives and breathes.
I am aware that everything around me has its own life. 
I am aware that nature lives and changes, and also me and everyone around me.
Changes are an integral part of life, and I know and accept that.
I'm looking forward to everything that my day brings.
Yes, I am aware that life isn't composed of only nice things but I choose to find something nice in everything. It is my conscious choice to think that way. It is my conscious choice to be turned toward nice things in life and to things that make me happy and content because I know that I deserve that.  Because I know I'm entitled to that. 
I am allowing myself that and am enjoying it. 
I am aware that day and night trade places. 
I know that weather changes also. And as I am at peace with that and accept it I also know that my emotions change and I accept that. 
I know I am a living being that feels, and I enjoy that. I love my emotions and accept them because I know they are telling me where I am and where I want to go.
I know that although it is raining or is cloudy that doesn't mean that the Sun has disappeared. 
I also know that although I am feeling angry or sad that the good in my life has not disappeared. Neither good nor love. 
Because as I know that rain has to come sometimes I also know that sometimes I have to be sad. 
As I know that sometimes there has to be thunder I also know that sometimes I have to feel anger. 
As I know that sometimes it has to be cloudy I also know that I cannot always be in a great mood. But above all of that I know that sun never, absolutely never, stops shining! No matter how cloudy it might be, how much it might rain, or how much thunder and lightning there can be, the Sun always, but always, shines! It can only hide a little from our view but it always, absolutely always, shines and is always there. And as I know that I also know that love in me and my life, and the good that is a part of me never, absolutely never, gets lost no matter what.  
They may hide a little but are always, always, there. As the Sun always shines so in my life the love and good always exist, always.  
When it gets cold I dress warmer, 
when it rains I take an umbrella, 
when there is a storm I take shelter. 
I do the same with everything that goes on within me. With understanding and the best I know how!
 Because I know it is all natural and is happening for a reason. That reason is change. A change for the better. The same in nature as in my life. 
Although I am not always aware of the good coming out from some change I choose to believe, believe that everything will be all right, that everything will be the way it's supposed to be because I know that the one who created me  thought about and is thinking about that and is taking care of it. 
I know that my life is valuable and I know that I am worthy of life. I enjoy it. I enjoy my life. 
I am looking forward to each new morning that will arrive, each day I will live, each night I will sleep and dream the most beautiful dreams. 
I am looking forward to everything that awaits me and I have full confidence in life.  
I allow myself to live and feel alive. 
Yes, I allow myself the clouds and rain and thunder and lightning, but I know, I know with certainty, that the Sun always shines.  
And as the Sun shines and warms on the outside so does the love in my heart and the good in my life. I love my life and all that makes up my life. And I accept and live it with love and joy. 
I love my life and my life loves me.

Kiss and love each other because that is the purpose of life!

Love to all, your Brigita!   

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