srijeda, 3. prosinca 2014.

Modern mistress

  New times have arrived, older generations say. Times devoid of all inhibitions. Times of human freedom on having a private life of their own choice. New times have arrived and with them modern girls and modern boys. Modern mistresses and modern lovers. And what when “old” and “new” meet?  
A modern mistress doesn’t ask for all of his time. A modern mistress doesn’t want marriage and kids with him. She doesn’t have time for that. A modern mistress knows how to, when things become too serious, make him go away. A modern mistress knows how and when to get a break up. She knows when to leave. She knows why she is here and for how long.  
Has the time arrived when more and more women do not want husbands, men to be with them for 24 hours a day, but only when they need them for as long as they need them?  
   People used to marry with the idea they will stay married for life. And they were often, how much happy or not, that is questionable, but marriage was maintained at all costs.  
Today girls love their freedom, they love getting what they need from men...often that is money, real estate, movable assets, but also love and tenderness, attention and passion...but with the emphasis ON THEIR OWN TERMS. And no matter how old and patriarchally raised a man can be, it’s flattering to him and he accepts it, because he also wants to be a part of that modern life. For many it’s a chance for a “second youth”. 
No matter how much we think we are still more of a family society, the fact is that there are more and more men and women who seek and accept such relationships.  
The world has “shrunk”. Everything is within reach and it seems people fear they will run out of time to enjoy everything they want, so they invest relationships into the game. Marriage. They risk and gamble with just that. 
They get married, women, they get divorced and all over again, as if on a conveyor belt...without pardon or too long thinking in between. Just to not stop and miss anything that the modern world is offering. Because of marriage. 
Men in their sixties and over are leaving their wives with whom they have grandchildren and are running to find kids of 18 to show them they can use smartphones and on route paying for anything the girl needs...and women of sixty something, they are running to the gym and esthetic surgery to show the young boys of 25 how good their butts look. The world has, as they say, gone crazy.   
Now when Tibet and Istanbul are within reach, no one wants to spend 365 days in one place. And not just for a husband and children every day...forget about birth in twenties, forget about it...getting married at 22, forget about time is too precious and is spent less and less on one and the same, life long thing.  
Yes, there are still those who believe in that...”till death do us part”...there are still girls who are jealously clinging to their men protecting them from all sorts of temptations coming from the modern society...there are those men who are trying to keep all competition far away from their women...but how long will that really last in present times? Who will yield first? The one protecting or the one in the game?  
Because of all that, when we know a woman has equal rights to the same behavior as a man...women no longer want to be someone’s for 24 hours a day every day. And they do not want to be with only one. And they no longer worry about their new boyfriends being taken or married, even more, they are not worried if they have an old one along side the new one. Everything is allowed. Marriage. Not any more. And how many there are of those who have gone well into maturity in their age and who although they are married like and enjoy that title. Problem occurs when he falls in love. And wants to get divorced. And wants children with her.  
She is no longer a typical mistress, waning for him to get divorced so she can have him for herself all day and night...hey, she has her own schedule into which he doesn’t fit every day.  
He is now the one who wants it because of her but she doesn’t want it.  
A smart modern mistress, who doesn’t even think she is doing anything wrong with that...because she knows she is not a threat o his marriage, nor that she is the first or the last for him outside his marriage, and she knows precisely how to cool him off. An goes on. Without guilty conscious. She doesn’t have time for that.   
There are still more of those who want to have cooked and cleand so they maintain a traditional marriage but love to enter new roles. It doesn’t matter if they become sponsors, “teachers”, counselors, friends or something else...they accept any role that makes them included so it doesn’t go on without them. And it seems like they  prefer these modern mistresses. They brag about how modern they are, about what they have done for her... but there are more and more of those trying to keep her. So they try making themselves younger. Trying to counter men her age, trying to be all that she needs. All of a sudden they understand psychology and needs of a modern story.  
They put on those serious cool glasses, no matter that they use them for reading, but glasses, scarfs,’s all there...and all the troubles of puberty. Creams, gym.  
Wife, children,’s all there but this new youth has a life of it’s own. They don’t admit defeat. Nor the years. Nor the differences. They can do everything.  
And they...they clearly say they are not here to listen to his problems, and he shuts up. They are not here to sleep over because she needs her sleep because she has an early meeting. And he leaves. He is here whenever she needs him and are gone when she doesn’t. And men accept that. 
And women do not put too much emotion into it. They remain reserved, cold...calculated. Because they know exactly how long and why. They are a fantasy coming out of a magazine and disappear when it’s time to become fully real. They give what they want, take what they need and move on. And men remain in their lives, rejuvenated or disgraced...depending...with an apology, I’ll call you, kiss. And that is that. Marriage saved. Everyone happy and satisfied. No, they are not here to wash, clean, iron and cook for him. They are not here to give him aspirin and viagra. They are not here to see the real him but him that they need. They are not all girls of 20, nor girls of 30. They are women of all generations who know exactly what they want and how to get it. They have a man when they need him and they do not care not just if he is taken but also what he is like when not with her. They are women who live like men. Liberated of any judgement or imposed expectations for those oppressed by society.  
They are no longer forced to do anything and nothing different then men. They don’t have to be faithful, they don’t have to be monogamous nor keep that a secret, they don’t have to give birth and they don’t have to be married to have a child. They don’t have to be at home all day long. Even more, they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to. They are women like all others just with a little more defiance and pride towards old rules. They are weak to love and all wonders the same as men but they do not live solely for that. They can survive without that. They are thinking of their carriers. Their travels. Their friends and going out. They are like men. Free. And as society doesn’t judge a man who cheats or has a life like tht she gives herself that right of choice. To live all that they do.  

   But she is still beautiful and gorgeous, desirable and charming...because she is a woman.

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